The Only "Independent" Genuine Pro-EU Candidate in the 08 June 2017, Reading East, Parliamentary Elections:
MEP information about the 2019 European Election on 23rd May 2019:

Michael Jeffrey Turberville

We need to Nullify Brexit.
"Vote, KEEP us in the EU and KICK THEM (brexiters) and her (Theresa May) Out."

Reading East voted to Remain in the EU.
The sitting MP chose to ignore this fact and voted on every occasion to Exit the EU.
Show him and the vulturous hag the exit door, they both arrogantly ignore the will of constituents.

I am the candidate with a vision for a better, brighter future.
The Centrist who is neither Left nor Right, when policy works for All - use it. Other candidates are all tied and bound to their party's political dogma.
All Legislation must pass a Logic Test.
No secret behind closed door negotiations.
Total Transparency. Ending UK politician's use of fear mongering and enabling connections of the four nations of the UK with a more Scandinavian way of life.
An Absolute End to this Brexit nonsense: we are all Europeans.

This General Election has only being called to try to give her a super-majority to pass another Parliamentary Act to "Null and Void" the "European Union Act 2011".
After reading each of the Party Manifesto's which each "Party Candidate" MUST follow and the comments of Candidates across the land, None have read nor understand the "European Union Act 2011".

NHS: Instead of paying each GP a fixed amount to treat everyone who comes through their door each year, flip it around, pay GP's, Consultant's, Hospital's, etc based on what each actually has performed. The cost of every illness, procedure, operation, medication, etc is known.
Each patient treated has their treatment invoiced to the central NHS coffer and the Doctor, Consultant, Hospital, etc is . It will end waiting lists overnight. A surgeon will do four operations in a day instead of three, because it is in the surgeon's financial interest to do procedures. The Doctors and Hospitals doing the most work will get more remuneration and those who just 'fob patients off' who will get paid nil.
National Insurance Tax (NI): it is not Logical to continue to mix with the Income Tax coffer. It was a mistake when done and needs to be corrected.
It is Logical for the funds to get allocated to where medical costs have been incurred and not wasted paying for empty excess capacity.

Local issues: A329(M) to be third Thames Crossing and extend to the M40 in North and South from Bracknell to the M3 and A3/M25 as was originally planned as a proper Motorway. Additionally loop the M329(M) around the North of Caversham to Junction 12 on the M4, making a proper ring road and ending the A329 as a road to nowhere.
Extending Napier Road over the Kennet Canal to join the A329(M) with traffic and bus lanes in both directions.
The housing developments such as Kennet Island, the Madejski Entertainment Complex, the business parks at Green Park and East Reading to have a Tram-train system connecting to the Town Centre and Station.
Working with local councils to have all VAT and Business Rates transferred to local authority control.
These simple items will alleviate the traffic issues in and around Reading and will boost the local economy. A prime example is it takes longer to get from Reading Station to the Business Parks than it takes to get from Paddington to Reading.

Click below for my Parliamentary work as the Chairman of the Non-Governmental Organisation CAMPAIGNS.
We continually Lobby Parliament for British Women to be recognised with the same legal right, parity, as British Men in Citizenship and Nationality Issues.
British Women in 2017 should not still be the chattle of their father nor their husband in Citizenship and Nationality Issues.

Michael Turberville
+44 7427.694.794